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During this challenging time we’ve never felt more connected to our community. At the RUH we are used to dealing with crises, we’re well-rehearsed with what to do, but this virus has been something that we have never seen before. It’s been an immersive experience and we’re still working through it. That’s what has made it challenging and why having the support of our community has been so valuable to our staff.

We’ve seen an extraordinary effort from our hospital colleagues with many volunteering to work in high risk COVID-19 areas. Every ward and department has been affected and our hospital colleagues have had to adapt to new ways of working to keep our patients and staff safe.

We are so grateful to our community and have been overwhelmed by the gifts made in kind and the money raised is making such a difference already to our staff, patients and their families. But the pandemic isn’t over. With your continued support we can provide rapid funding to pay for immediate initiatives and give long term practical and psychological help for our staff and services to help our patients and their families. If you cherish our National Health Service, you can make a difference locally by donating to us, The Forever Friends Appeal either online or fundraise in your way.

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