Thank you for your gift towards the Butterfly Fund – supporting palliative and end of life care at the RUH.

Your support will help us continue to provide compassionate care to patients and their families. Gifts donated to the Butterfly fund help provide little things that can make a big difference to caring for our patients nearing End of Life.

Your Gift of Care will make a big difference, helping us to provide the things that matter to our patients and their families, thank you.

£10 will buy a mouth care box – to support regular mouth care

£15 will provide a supply of Butterfly Cards – to send to bereaved families

£40 will buy a Dimmer Lamp – for the patient’s bedside

£50 will provide a Comfort Box – to support families staying overnight

£75 will provide a Wedding Box – to help create special memories

£100 will fund a Memory Box – containing cards to write special messages, Inkless paper and wipes for hand prints, Voile purses for locks of hair, diaries to record memories, compassionate hearts for loved ones.

£250 will provide information resources - for patients and families

£500 will purchase a supply of special Butterfly Bags - for deceased patient’s property

£1000 will purchase a Sleeper Chair – to provide comfort for family members staying overnight

£2000 will create and equip a Butterfly Room – providing privacy and support for families

£30,000 will providing training and support to Compassionate Companions for one year – specially trained volunteers offer one to one support, compassionate listening, comfort and companionship, particularly for those patients with few or no visitors.

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